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Hangman Lives

Short Movie

Hangman was the Posse's inaugural foray into digital video moviemaking. Since then, the Posse has gone on to create four more shorts, EASYSiren, Hood Bruthas and the Box. EASY was a quarterfinalist in the 8th Annual Fade-In Competition and Siren qualified for exhibition at several Film Festivals around the country. Hood Bruthas also won several awards including Excellence in Film-making Foreign Film Category (Canada International Film Festival) and Best Short (Capital City Black Film Festival).


What’s the future like?

A beast will run loose destroying everything in its path. Hangman was created for destruction.

Cut to our present.  Hangman’s creators have kidnapped a homeless person named Roman.

He has a simple mission: destroy the monster.  Roman's time travel reveals the true identity of the beast.  Our hero faces a choice - let the monster live, or rid humanity of a rampaging evil and die.

Hangman TV Pilot in development. and trailer

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