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Read what some of the critics are saying about Siren.

LA SHORTS Fest Review -Of the four black and white films, Siren stood out for its tongue in cheek handling of film noir, including the ominous off-screen narration, Dutch angles, and genre acting.

John Nesbit Editor-In-Chief -

Thumbs UP! Writer/Director Andrew Mandapat has mastered Noir's witty dialogue, punchy editing, and crafty angles as "Siren" is a success in all these elements-especially considering the limitations that come with low-budget filmmaking.

Anthony Selbitschka -

I’m impressed by Mandapat’s ability to create such an impressive film noir homage with a running time of less than twenty minutes.

Mary Jo Tucker - Reel Talk Movie Reviews

3 out of 4 Stars - Andrew Mandapat's short film noir, "Siren," is an entertaining throw back jab in the eye.

Jonathan W. Hickman -

With a disillusioned protagonist, claustrophobic close-ups, skewed camera angles, and cynical dialogue like "It's a nice enough place... if you don't mind the smell of cheap perfume and expensive smoke" Siren is a great mini-noir that hits all the right notes.

Micah Prude - Dumb Distraction

6.5 out of 10 Stars - Siren successfully maintains the momentum of a suspenseful story that unravels right up until the end.

Greg Ferguson -

Hood Bruthas Awards

Excellence in Film-making Foreign Film Category (Canada International Film Festival)

Best Short (Capital City Black Film Festival). 


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